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Financial Results
Shareholding Pattern
Code of Conduct
Annual Report
Public Notice
Form No. SH-13
BSE 24 f Application
Clause 24(f)
Scheme of Amalgamation

Scheme of Amalgamation

Notice in Newpaper dated 09.09.2022

Notice of NCLT convened meeting dated 11.10.2022 - Indokem Limited

MOA AOA - Indokem Limited

Observation Letter dated 30.05.2022

Complaints Report - Indokem

Annexure I - Revised Valuation Report 14.01.2022

Annexure II - Revised Fairness Opinion Report 14.01.2022

Annexure III - Updated financial snapshot

Annexure IV - Limited Review financial results of Indokem and Refnol as on 31st December 2021

Annexure IX - Independent Director’s report dated 15th January 2022 of Indokem and Refnol

Annexure V - Latest compliance report of Indokem and Refnol

Annexure VI - Revised Scheme of Amalgamation

Annexure VII - Confirmation highlighting the changes in the scheme for Indokem and Refnol

Annexure VIII - Audit Committee report dated 15th January 2022 of Indokem and Refnol

Annexure X - Certified true copy of the board resolution dated 15th January 2022 of Indokem and Refnol

Annexure XI A and B - Revised pre and post scheme Shareholding pattern of Indokem and Refnol

Annexure XI C - Revised Shareholding Pattern in word

Annexure XII - Revised pre and post number of shareholders of Indokem

Annexure II - Certified Copy of Draft Scheme of Amalgamation

Annexure IIIA & III B - Valuation report from Registered Valuer

Annexure IVA & IVB - Report from the Audit Committee recommending the draft scheme

Annexure VA & VB - Fairness opinion by Independent SEBI Registered Merchant Banker

Annexure VIA & VIB - Shareholding pattern of all the companies pre and post Amalgamation

Annexure IXA & IXB - Last Annual Report and Unaudited Financials of the last quarter accompanied Limited Review Report

Annexure XIA & XIB - Detailed Compliance Report certified by MD CFO and CS

Annexure XA & XB - Statutory Auditor's Certificate confirming the compliance of accounting treatmentn

Annexure XIIA & XIIB - Report from the Committee of Independent Directors Reports recommending the draft scheme

Annexure VII - Shareholding Pattern of all the Companies pre and post amalgamation in word format

Annesure VIIIA & VIIIB - Pre and post Amalgamation No. of shareholders of all companies

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