We are a sizing chemicals, dyes, and textile auxiliaries manufacturing company. Our family-run enterprise holds a vast experience and presence in the market. We are one of the first companies in India that identified early on the growing textile industry.

Our commitment to quality products and emphasis on customer satisfaction dates back to the 1800s when a pioneer Mr Khatau Makanji had set up Khatau Makanji Spinning and Weaving Mills which is the parent company of Khatau group.

Following the success of this venture, the Khatau Group diversified into shipping and power cables while still marking an established presence in the textile sector. As a result, the Khatau group quickly gained a name of being one of the prominent business families in India.

Over the years, Indokem Pvt. Ltd. was set up as a member of the Khatau group in 1946. We are among the first in India to enter into the production of Dyes. It has since been a leader in the market of supplying textile dyes and chemicals in India. Our resourceful manufacturing capabilities, high-quality production, cost-effective price contributes to our extensive product portfolio.

Indokem - About Us

Good fabrics to Great fabrics

Today, we are a leading manufacturer with a well-diversified product range, including Sizing Chemicals, Textile Auxiliaries, Indonon Vat Dyes, Incomine Direct Dyes, Suprafix Reactive Dyes, Indonol Sulphur dyes, Indacid Acid Dyes and Texoprint Pigment Dispersion. Our products are exported for use in diversified market segments – apparel, home textiles and technical textiles.

Our business spans across several markets, from the Indian subcontinent to the Middle-East Asia, East Asia, Europe, and South America. Together we work to accomplish the highest standards and improve with ongoing trends in technology and innovative developments.

Our Growth

We are a one-stop entity offering a complete range of products, serving several major clients across the globe. Our aim is to steadily develop existing capacities and provide a complete profile to all our clients. Therefore, we have developed the entire range of products comprising of sizing chemicals, textile auxiliaries, dyes, and pigment dispersions.


Indokem believes that quality is unparalleled as it ensures the success of our business. We aim to provide consistent quality in all our manufacturing and production processes, starting from conceptualization to execution. We emphasize upon our services ensuring customer satisfaction through uncompromising integrity, committed to delivering world-class products.

The Journey


Indokem - Mahendra Khatau

Mahendra Khatau

Chairman and Managing Director

Mahendra Khatau, the great grandson of Shri Khatau Makanji of the Khatau Group has been overseeing and steering Indokem’s growth and development for over 40 years. Driving the company towards a leading position in the industry, Mahendra Khatau has focused his efforts on achieving remarkable growth and developing company goodwill.

Indokem - Manish Khatau

Manish Khatau


Manish Khatau, son of Mahendra Khatau has been deploying operations at Indokem for 12 years with a keen sense of creative strategy and marketing. He sees Indokem’s future development and growth marked with sustainable textile auxiliary solutions and improved compliances.

Our Team

We have a dedicated and well-qualified team of professionals with extensive experience and industrial knowledge.

Indokem - Family

Why Choose Us

We are an ISO-certified company, providing sustainable solutions. Our clients continue to associate with us as we deliver customized products in an efficient, ecological and economical manner, covering a wide distribution network with technical support.

Our Presence

We have an extensive presence all over India.

Our Head Office is based in Mumbai. Our branches are located in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Coimbatore. We have representatives in Ludhiana, Panipat, Kolkata, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bhilwara, Surat, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Ichalkaranji, Hyderabad & Bangalore. We have a Pan India network of dedicated dealers.

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