Vat Dyes

This dyestuff is supplied in various forms to suit the intended mode of application. These vat dyes differ in tinctorial strength and fineness of dispersion. Powder, Ultra concentration and Acra concentration contain finely dispersed vat dyes, recommended for leuco vat dyeing. The colour of reduced vat dyes differs among different dyestuffs and is characteristic of the dyestuff from which it is produced.

Indonon Powder Dyes Vat dyes suitable for exhaust dyeing, piece dyeing on jigger or hank dyeing

Indonon MD Dyes Vat dyes in granular form suitable for yarn package dyeing & continuous application

Indovat Paste Vat paste used for excellent fastness properties in Textile Printing

Reactive Dyes

Reactive dyes are cationic dyes used for dyeing cellulose, protein and polyamide fibres. Based on their intended use, they are found in powder, liquid and print paste forms. Our reactive dyes are categorised under Suprafix HS, S, MP, RC, and P series that differ from each other based on various parameters.

Direct Dyes

Incomine Good Solubility and suitable for Cellulosic only.

Incomine C Series High Light Fast Colour

Sulphur Liquid Dyes

We have varied shades in Indonol sulphur dyes that differ in depth, light fastness, wash fastness and perspiration. Our Indonol liquid dyes are pre-reduced liquid dyes with minimal sulfide content.

Sulphur Powder

We have varied shades in Indonol sulphur powder that differ in depth, light fastness, wash fastness and perspiration. These dyes can be used for Garment and Jigger dyeing.

Disperse Dyes

These dyes are applicable for dyeing and printing materials made from polyester fibre and its blends. They are classified under high, medium and low energy dyes. They come with an exclusive range of Azo, Anthraquinone, Coumarine, Methine and Quinoline based Disperse dyes.

Acid Dyes

The Indokem Acid dyes come under three distinct forms based on their application.

Levelling Dyes exhibit excellent properties and good barre coverage. They are suitable for trichometric combination shades and are recommended for carpet and sportswear colouration.

Milling Dyes exhibit good wet fastness and are preferred for darker shades. Therefore, they perform best in limited combinations or as self-shades.

Premetalised Dyes exhibit very high all round fastness and are applied from neutral to weakly acid dye baths. They are especially recommended for automotive furnishings and carpet colouration.