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Company Profile
Since 1945, Indokem has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of exclusive dyestuffs to
the growing textile industry in India.
Although indokem maybe a well reputed company today, its origins were much greater. Khatau Makanji, a pioneer of his age, set up Khatau Makanji Spinning and Weaving Mills in the late 1800's, he was one of the few Indian businessman with the creativity and vision to see the potential of the textile industry in India at the time.
Having established Khatau Mills as a successful business, the Khatau group diversified its business interests, from shipping to power cables in addition to dominating the textile sector, the Khatau group rose as one of the prominent business families in India.
It is still highly valued by both local and international customers for the high standards or quality and customer service which have been passed through the generations.
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